Faux Glitter Retail

Regular price $21.00

Sold by the yard and will be cut continuous for multiple yards.

The fabric is a soft matte athletic supplex. Perfect for dance wear, sports bra, leggings, running skirt, ect. 

Fabric content:
87%Nylon 13%Spandex
width 58-60"

4 way stretch 75% cross grain 50% on grain

I ship flat rate because this fabric is HEAVY! 

$7.25- up to 3 yards 
$13.65- 4-6 yards 
$18.90- 7-9 yards 
Anything over 10 yards I will quote before sending invoice. 

If we can fit your fabric in a smaller package we will refund any shipping overages

FLAWS: custom prints can have flaws. I do my best to catch them but I’m human and don’t always see them while cutting. I will only discount or refund for flaws over the size of a quarter or more than 6” from the salvage. I can not guarantee that I will have yardage to exchange flawed fabric. Please contact me ASAP and I will do my best to fix any issues.

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*different monitors may produce different colors and may not portray the exact color of the fabric.
** please note the weight is my watermark and not apart of the design